2010-2015 Camaro JRE 460 RWHP “Endurance Cam” LS3 Cam Package

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Our JRE 460HP RWHP Endurance Cam Package is ment to make power and be easy on your valvetrain. It does have a rough idle too it and really does well especially in the high RPM ranges. NOTE: This Package is designed for LS3 Vehicles, To make this package work on an L99 Car, additional parts are required, please contact us for details.

This package includes:

JRE Custom Ground 3 Bolt Camshaft
Valve Springs
Spring Seats
Valve Seals
LS Trunion Upgrade
Cam Sprocket Bolt
Timing Cover Gasket
Front Crank Seal
Camshaft Timing Chain Gear
Hardened Pushrods

Weight 45 lbs

Free Tune


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